Seeds of success

Ok… one thing we get asked a lot is, how to be successful. How does one become successful? What a question. What’s more, the answer is very elusive. We think most people have success fundamentally wrong in their minds… this is where the problem lies.

Most of us look at that guy driving the Ferrari and think ‘… wow. That guy is so successful… I wish I was him/her…’ But consider this: does the guy in the Ferrari consider himself successful because of the car he drives? Let’s explore this a little.

The guy driving the Ferrari probably does feel pretty good about himself. The truth behind the matter is that he’s probably always believed himself to be successful. From this point, the Ferrari is a cause of his inner belief to succeed. In contrast to the average passer-by, who thinks the Ferrari makes him feel successful. Taking steps one step further: most people don’t feel accomplished and successful because they don’t have nice/expensive things. What’s more, they feel that they could never aspire to achieve their goals and get the things they want in life. They look at ‘successful’ people and put their status down to luck and/or inheritance. From this standpoint, it would be impossible for the average person to aspire to a similar point in their life.

What ‘successful’ people realise that ‘unsuccessful’ people don’t is that we are not special. The universe is not conspiring against us or for other people. They realise that they have the power to control their destiny. Not only that, they realise that taking action is a necessary step in achieving their goals. Very few ‘successful’ people achieve their goals and think ‘… I’m rich now… I can now say that I’m successful…’. Instead, they already know they’re successful — they believe it; they act like it. Money, possession, status… these don’t matter because they have self-belief.

Any ‘successful’ person will tell you that achieving your dreams is as simple as making a choice. Choosing to believe in yourself and taking action. You might be reading this and thinking ‘… what a load of rubbish…’ But we challenge you to only think positive thoughts about yourself. Visualise yourself as a successful person: how do I walk when I’m successful, what do I wear, how do I talk, what skills do I have. Act like that person every day — believe it — and the rest will come. After all… if you don’t believe in yourself… who will.

So what’s the next step? Simple — start right now. If you’re in any doubt, we highly recommend you start educating yourself. Start reading books like Think and Grow Rich. This book, and books like it, are excellent at helping one understand the power of one’s own thoughts, and how to best harness that power.

We hope this post has been helpful to you all. Please be sure to check back for other publication. Our next post may aim to expand on the concepts outlined here today — stay tuned.